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 We are pleased to offer our customers a new type of glazing repair.

We Can Now Get The Fog Out ! 

This proven process quickly removes moisture from failed windows and protects against further damage without replacing the glass.




Our trained approved technicians will solve your condensation problems at a fraction of the cost of replacement. 
Our service comes with a 10 year guarantee as opposed to a 5 year guarantee usually given on brand new double glazed units.




This service will soon be available in all of the UK to check your area please call us on:-

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2007 Press Release





A1 Double Glazing Repairs Ltd


Alan Howlett & Terry Couley invested thousands of pounds to bring a new process to the UK to repair misted/failed double glazed units on site without removing or replacing the glass. The process which saves customers money and stops the waste glass going to landfill is revolutionary and is very good for the enviroment. 

The process was brought to the Uk by Alan Howlett (Now A Director of A1 Double Glazing Repairs Ltd) & Terry Couley (Owner of AWS) in the latter part of 2007. 

When windows can be saved, they should be saved! 

Our technicians are able to restore or replace your windows. They were highly trained in Canada to provide thermal and structural assessment of your IGUs, to quantify the amount of heat loss / gain through your sealed units. They can objectively advise you on the best alternatives and are not pre-conditioned to promote only one alternative. Ask them their opinion. Tell them your preferences. If the environment is important to you let them know! 

The Moisture and Damage Control service prevents thousands of tonnes of waste glass from being dumped into the landfills across the UK every year. The service reduces the consumption of precious raw materials and of fossil fuels burned in the manufacture, transport and disposal of windows and doors. 

Did You Know? 
Waste glass dumped in landfills will not decompose for thousands of years. 

Almost half a million tonnes of waste window glass is sent to the landfills every year in the UK.

Public, Trade & Commercial Applications.

From 1 Window to  1000''s of Windows.

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